Meet the Characters! (so far)

Hi friends! Thanks for reading until this post! Let's invite all our previous casts back on stage and remember what they're all about!

Hi guys. I'm Jesus. I'm 12 years old now, according to the latest cartoon drawn about me. I'm probably going to grow up in a few posts' time so stay tuned!

Oh hi... We're Adam and Eve. We actually had two sons but the story about them is not drawn yet. It's a sad story though... hopefully the story of our family will be told..

It's sad to realize that whenever you see a rainbow now, you think of "light refraction" instead of NOAH! I survived a WoRLD FLOOD! Isn't that worth remembering!?

Hi I'm Moses. Whenever you see the sea (or maybe just water), remember how God gave me the power to split them apart! Noah's just floating around the sea... so yeah, remember me.

We are the three wise men! We kind of gave Jesus the greatest gifts ever when we visited him when he was a baby! Hopelly he can recognize us in the streets...

I miss my son...


  1. Your Jesus has always struck me as somewhat sadistic, now he has a voodoo doll hanging from the ceiling....woo...

  2. In reality, he is not at all and reflected as loving and gracious in the bible. Thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna try to control hard to not let my imagination go wild... I'm glad at least you know what's comic and what's reality! phew... LOL.

  3. hahaha! cool! I noticed the little voodoo doll hanging off the ceiling too! I'm so excited to read more. Great drawings!

  4. You bet! I will surely stay tuned and watch out for new antics of these cool characters. I'm lovin what I have seen so far! You rock!