Noah's Ark

Once there was a very good man. His name was Noah, and he loved God very much. And God loved Noah.
But many people were doing very bad things and God was very sad.
God decided to send a flood over all the earth to wipe away the people who had become so bad.
So God said to Noah, "Build a huge ark just the way I tell you, put rooms in it and coat it with tar so it will float a long time."
Then God said, "Take your whole family into the ark because I have found you to be very good."
And God told Noah to put two of every kind of animal on the ark to keep them alive during the flood also.
Then the rain began and it rained for 40 days but it flooded for 150 more days!
Finally the rain stopped.

Soon the waters dried up and Noah and his family and all the animals were able to leave the ark.
God said, "I promise I will never again send a flood to destroy the whole earth." And then God put His rainbow in the sky as a reminder to us of his promise.

(Genesis:6 - 9)

Descriptions adapted from


  1. I don't know of it's intentional but the last panel the humour is kinda black (black as in twisted)

  2. really? my mom giggled at it though... haha.

  3. Thanks for giving me permission to use your cartoons in my powerpoint presentation. They'll be perfect.