Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel was a good man and a prophet from God. He prayed to God three times every day. King Darius  gave Daniel a very important job. The king liked Daniel a lot. 

Some evil men were jealous of Daniel. They made a plan to trick the king into making a new law that would get Daniel into trouble. The new law said: "You can't pray to any god except the king. If anyone does, he will be killed." 

The king passed the law. But Daniel was brave. He still prayed only to God three times a day. Daniel trusted God. 

When the evil men saw that Daniel still prayed to God, they told the king. The king liked Daniel. He didn't want to have him killed, but he knew that he had to follow his own law. So Daniel was taken to the lions' den and thrown in. The king said to Daniel, "I hope your God rescues you from the lions!"

That night, the king couldn't sleep. He was worried about Daniel. In the morning, the king ran to the den of lions and called out, "Daniel, was your God able to save you?" Daniel answered, "God sent his angel to shut the mouths of the lions. They haven't hurt me because God knows I have done no wrong."

The king had Daniel taken out of the lions' den and the evil men who got Daniel into trouble were thrown in.

After that, the king wrote a letter. He said that everyone must worship Daniel's God for He is the true God.

(Daniel 6)
Adapted from Teachercreated.com