The Baby in the Basket - Pt.1

The Hebrew people had lived in Egypt many years, and had many children. They lived happily with the Egyptian people for all this time.

But one day there was a new king of Egypt, and he did not like the Hebrew people. He was afraid that because there were so many, they would try to take over Egypt. He made the Hebrews become slaves and he had all Hebrew boy babies killed so they could not grow up to become soldiers.

But Moses' mother had a plan to save her baby. She made a little basket, put baby Moses in it and put it in the river. Moses' sister Miriam kept watch to see what would happen.

Soon the Pharaoh's daughter came to the river. She saw the baby in the basket. She decided to keep little Moses and raise him.

Miriam told the Pharaoh's daughter that she knew a lady who could help take care of him, and she brought Moses' real mother.

So Moses was brought up by both his own mother and the Pharaoh's daughter, in the court of the Egyptian king.
(Exodus 1 - 2:11)

Descriptions adapted from


  1. Why is her tongue sticking out that way? Awkward. LOL

  2. LOL. Yeah, I was afraid she was gonna eat poor baby Moses after she fished him out of the water.

  3. Now that would be an interesting ending! LOL. Thumbs up!