Elijah: Fed by Ravens

 Elijah was a prophet. God told Elijah things that would happen. One day, Elijah went to King Ahab. Elijah told him, "There will be no rain during the next few years unless I say so." And so it happened. There was no rain for a long time.

God was good. He took care of Elijah during the drought. God told Elijah to go to a special stream. Here God provided food and water for Elijah. Elijah drank from the stream, and God had ravens bring Elijah bread and meat every morning and every evening.

When the stream dried up, God told Elijah, "Go to the town of Zarephath. I have told a widow there to feed you." The widow was trying to prepare a meal. However, she only had a small amount of flour and oil - just enough to make one last meal. After that, she and her son would have nothing to eat and would die.

Elijah asked the woman for some water. He told her to make him a piece of bread. The woman said, "I have very little oil and flour - only enough for our last meal. Then my son and I will die." Elijah told the woman to do so as he said and not to be afraid. He told her that she would have enough flour and oil until the Lord send rain on the land.

The woman did as Elijah told her. She prepared bread from the flour and oil for Elijah. She also prepared a meal for her son and herself. There was still flour and oil left in her jars. God provided for the widow and her son. The flour and oil were not used up, just as Elijah had said.

After some time went by, the woman's son grew very sick. He died. The woman was very sad. She blamed Elijah for her son's death. 

But Elijah carried the boy upstairs and prayed aloud to the Lord. Elijah stretch out his body on top of the boy three times. He prayed, "O Lord, please let this boy live again." The Lord answered Elijah's prayer. The boy began breathing again.

Elijah carried the boy downstairs to his mother. She was very happy to see her son alive again. She said,"...'Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth." (1 Kings 17:24)

Adapted from TeacherCreated.com

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  1. Groovy Elijah from the last shot rocks:) Cool idea, I've been thinking about doing a bible comic myself but never actually decided to start:/