The Escape - Pt.3

Moses went to Pharaoh to ask him to set the Hebrews free. Pharaoh did not want to lose his slaves. He would not let them go, because they worked on his grand buildings.

Awful things began to happen in Egypt. There were ten plagues. Before each one, Moses had warned Pharaoh what would happen. Moses told him the disasters had been sent by God.

The last plague was the worst. The eldest son in every Egyptian family, including Pharaoh's, died. God had warned Moses to mark the doorposts of all Hebrew houses so that Hebrew boys would be safe.

Pharaoh was so upset by losing his son that he said the Hebrews could leave Egypt.

The Hebrews knew they must leave Egypt quickly. They needed food to take with them.

Pharaoh changed his mind again and sent his army after them to bring them back.

The army chased the Hebrews to the banks of the Red Sea. They would have been trapped but a miracle happened. God told Moses to lift up his rod and as he did so the waters parted to make a dry path. They were able to make their escape.

When all the Hebrews were safely at the other shore, Moses lifted up his rod again and the waters of the sea closed on Pharaoh's army who had been chasing them.

God had saved the Hebrews.


  1. LOL @ the skull bit! Great work Jebster! I am enjoying this more than the epic Moses movie. Thumbs up!

  2. The pharaoh's men are wearing debri hats! LOL, uhm it looks like debri hats to me. Anyway, great stuff man!

  3. lol at the crab! Hey Jebster, I would love to work with you for this biblecartoon gig! I love your sense of humor.